The Whiteford Weekly Messenger
   (From Society Column)
   1902 May
   We of the Whiteford Ladies Auxiliary are proud to welcome newlyweds Mr.& Mrs. Andrew Fletcher, late of Indiana, to our community. Andrew and Sarah were recently wed and purchased the old Candee homestead on Elizabeth St., henceforth to be known as Fletchers’ Farm.
   A sturdy young man, Andrew earned his wealth in the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula. Andrews’ pastimes include archery, hunting and taxidermy. He proposes to turn Fletcher Farm into a productive farm once again.
   The Fletchers’ were welcomed at a tea held at Parson Grainger’s home last week. They are hoping for a large family, according to Sarah, and are delighted to be in our community.
 Is Whiteford Townships’ Fletcher Farm Haunted?
  June 27, 1920
  For fifteen years Andy and Sarah Fletcher have lived peacefully on Fletcher Farm with their young brood of children. Recent events have shattered the peace of this quiet little community that lies on our states’ southern border.
  Ever since Jack, the oldest child, turned thirteen, strange things have been happening on the farm. It began with neighbors reporting what sounded like horrible fights at the farm. Sounds of smashing dishes and screaming, prompted neighbors to notify police of disturbances there.
  Upon investigation, it was discovered that there were no fights. The Fletchers’ claimed that they did not know why neighbors would have called in police.
  After being interviewed by authorities, Sara Fletcher admitted that they were experiencing unexplained phenomena. She could not explain it, but tried to describe the disturbances for me.
  Sarah said that the whole problem seemed to be centered on Jack, her oldest.  It seems that since his thirteenth birthday last month, strange things have been happening to him. He may be reading peacefully by the fire, when suddenly, frenzied activity bursts out around him. Dishes fly off the shelves; books throw themselves at the floor, rocking chairs rock of their own apparent volition. Strange, howling, shrieking voices rise until the noise is almost deafening, and then stops as suddenly as it started.
  Sarah confessed that they tried to hide these attacks, or whatever they are, to keep the community from being alarmed by them. After all, no one likes to be thought crazy.
  Andy himself has withdrawn somewhat from his activities in the community, citing the need to stay around the farm more because of the constant uproar surrounding Jack, which, understandably, alarms all who witness it.
  None of the other Fletcher children seem to be affected by any of this activity. The Fletchers’ have spoken to Parson Grainger about performing an exorcism of evil spirits, hoping that it might alleviate the problem. Nothing else has worked.
  Past events in this area suggest that perhaps there are ghosts haunting this area of the state.
  Do you believe?
 As  you can plainly see...something is wrong in Whiteford Township and has been for quite some time...but this is just the beginning...Read on...if you dare!

 October 26 1932 The  Monroe County News   EXTRA!

FRENZY AT FLETCHERS’ FOLLY       1 Dead ; 4 Missing; Andrew Fletcher sought

 Sometime during the night, something terrible happened at Fletchers’ Folly at 1313 Elizabeth St. in Ottawa Lake.
 Witness Karen Jacobs reports that early this morning, Carrie Fletcher appeared at their door, screaming and covered with blood. Not knowing what was wrong, her husband, Mark, got his gun and headed down the road to Fletchers’ Folly. Upon his arrival, he noticed a great deal of  blood in the yard, and decided to get authorities.
 Upon his return with the constable, and a search of the premises, it was revealed that Sarah Fletcher had been killed by an arrow in the heart as she sat rocking in the nursery.
 No sign was found of any of the other Fletcher’s, or of any perpetrator.
 Authorities are baffled by the strange disappearances of Andy Fletcher, who is wanted for questioning, and the remaining three children.
 Mr. Jacobs told this reporter that he will never forget the horror he experienced upon entering the Fletcher home.
 Carrie Fletcher has been hospitalized in a catatonic state, unable to respond to even the simplest questions, and certainly unable to tell what happened at the Folly that night.
 Where is Andy Fletcher?
 Where are the Fletcher children.
 Police continue to investigate. State authorities have been called in.


 The frenzy at the Folly was horrific...But who were the Fletchers ?

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