They say that Ottawa Lake Michigan is haunted...allow me to introduce you to Caius Candee and the story which leads us to the business at hand...the true story of Fletchers' Folly and how it came to be...                                                Our story begins...

 Local tidbits by
 Glinda Goodlove

 June 12 1836
 Whiteford Township-  Is it possible that the new Township of Whiteford Michigan (one of the southernmost in our great state) could be haunted? Reports have reached this columnist that people, returning from picnicks in the evenings, (from the local swimming hole, one would presume) have encountered soldiers, appearing bloody, as from some battle, wandering down the roads and through the fields. When approached or hailed, they just turn and walk away, and disappear into the surrounding terrain.
 Also, reported by one Sylvie Jackson, of Ottawa Lake proper, sightings of native warriors resting quietly by tiny fires, as though they wish to avoid being seen. When these sightings were investigated by the curious in the light of day, no evidence or trace of these warriors or fires could be found.
 Caius Candee, whose property many of these sightings seem to be emanating from, claims that it is all “stuff and nonsense” He claims that this is some kind of local hysteria brought on by the Frenchtown Massacre 23 years ago. “There’s injuns behind every tree if you ask some folks.” Candee is quoted as saying. “Balderdash! No such thing as ghosts! Folks need to tend their own business!” with that comment, Mr. .Candee terminated the interview

 The Whiteford Weekly Messenger
    March 1863
     This tiny community situated on the state line of Ohio and Michigan, has once again taken its place in the pages of history. First it was a hotbed of activity in the days of the Toledo War. Now patriotic Michiganders are once again answering their nation’s call.  The old Candee homestead has been pressed into service as an encampment and staging area for our boys joining the Union Army and heading south to fight for a free nation.
  A rather large encampment has sprung up in the area around  Ottawa Lake and the old homestead. There have been periodic reports of encounters with soldiers from another era, but these have been attributed to strong drink available in the area. It is rumored that there are several moonshiners distilling in the area, but this cannot be confirmed. Needless to say, no one wants to report them, but the Temperance Union in the area seems to be hot on their heels.
  Curiously enough, the most consistent reports received in the area, seem to be of roosters crowing at midnight…No one knows why, but the Union Army has promised to remove the roosters to an area where they will not disturb anyone. Many locals will tell you that it is best to stay close to home after dark, because there are strange things going on in Whiteford Township.
 The history of the area is rich with opportunity for haunts as these articles attest...but read on to discover for yourself...
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