Talk raged like wildfire in the small community. Neighbors complained of Andy’s nocturnal hunting habits. More than one farmer was startled by the sight of Andy prowling his property, bow at the ready, seeking his prey. ( Andy preferred bows, he is a fletcher after all, to guns. Arrows did less damage to hides and allowed Andy to watch the life drain from his prey, a disturbing practice he had.) Some said he was possessed, that it was a natural progression from the well known poltergeist activity on the farm. Some talked of running the family off and burning the “Folly”. Those who remembered the Fletcher’s as newlyweds, full of optimism, prevailed, and the Fletcher’s were left alone. But people continued to talk. Rumours of activity at the “Folly” flew through town at the speed of light.

          No one knows what happened next…

          It must have been horrible…nightmarish…

          But I digress.

          Sunday morning. A shrieking, keening Carrie, dressed in a blood soaked nightgown, ran down Elizabeth Street to the nearest neighbors’ house where she threw herself at the door screaming and unable to speak coherently. Shocked neighbor, Mark Jacobs, grabbed his gun and ran for the door. He didn’t know what was wrong, but the sight of Carrie, out of control, terrified him for what he might find at the Folly. He jumped in his old truck and tore down the road.

          When Mark pulled in to the yard, he was sickened by the sight and smell of blood. The rich, coppery scent hung in the morning air and blood was everywhere.  Surely the whole family had been slaughtered in their sleep. Mark turned around and immediately went for the Constable.

When Mark and the Constable returned to Fletcher’s Folly, nothing had changed, not the smell, the blood, or even the eerie stillness about the farm. What would they find inside? Afraid to admit their fears to each other and afraid of what was ahead…the two entered the house. Fear rose like bile in Mark’s throat when he saw the bloody smeared handprint on the door.

          The sight that greeted them stunned them. It must have been a massacre.

          Blood was splattered everywhere like some kind of mad artist had been in a frenzy. Clumps of bloody long blonde hair were stuck to the wall.  Bloody footprints criss-crossed the rooms, bare feet and booted feet. But there were no bodies here.  In the abandoned nursery, they found Sarah, in her rocking chair, an arrow through the doll she held and through her heart, finally at peace.

          Though there was blood everywhere, there were no bodies, the twins and Paul gone as if they had never been. Andy?  Never found him either.  What happened at Fletcher’s Folly that night?

          Upon returning to the Jacobs’ residence to question Carrie, they discovered her in a deep catatonic state, unable to talk or even acknowledge their presence. Whatever happened sent her over the edge. What did she know? Would she ever speak again? Only time would tell. For now, authorities were on their own.

          For weeks, authorities searched and dug all over the “Folly”. They found traces of old hunting areas Andy had used,( some even say they heard screams, but everybody was on edge and nothing was confirmed) and they found where he buried guts from his taxidermy practice, but they never found Andy or the kids.

          Everybody knows in their deepest heart that Andy killed Sarah. No one speaks it aloud. No one knows where Andy went. What about the kids???

          Some say, that if you listen, in the dead of night, you can hear their cries from that night. Terrifying shrieks and howls. The mystery of Fletchers’ Folly was never resolved.

          The Folly was boarded up and abandoned
 In the intervening years, the old farm has changed hands many times. The name stuck, though.
Locals would not let anyone forget that it was “Fletchers’ Folly”
 Many have moved into, and out of Fletchers’ Folly.  Some stayed for weeks, some for months. A few only stayed for days. One thing the records clearly show, none stayed at the Folly very long.
 A few will talk about the things they experienced while living there. They say that the whole place is evil and tormented. It taints the community with its evil. They say the ghosts of all the Fletchers’ are there.
 Others cringe in fear and beg you not to speak the name. They suffered the torments of Hell living there and will not allow you to speak of it. They will promptly change the subject to the latest Sunday sermon, for down to every man, woman and child who survived the “Folly”, every former tenant we were able to contact, is a faithful, active member of their various churches! Odd coincidence, don’t you think?
 It appeared that “Fletchers’ Folly” was going to lie abandoned again. There was talk of locals buying it and tearing it down. That’s all it was…talk. That is the end of the tale of “Fletchers’ Folly”.
 Until Now
 Bentley Warbucks, an eccentric man with more money than sense, read a newspaper article about” Fletchers’ Folly” and became obsessed with owning a genuine haunted farm. He has bought Fletchers’ Folly and is in the process of renovating it for the purpose of having paranormal tours and offer a venue for psychic investigation. Stay tuned for further details…
 The saga of the Folly doesn't end here...not at all...the locals know that its influence spread beyond the Folly...

The Monroe Gazette


Whiteford Township                                               May 18 1970




    Police are baffled by a scene discovered yesterday at 1300 Elizabeth St. in Ottawa Lake. The Miller residence there, just down the road from the old “Fletchers’ Folly”(as it’s known by locals), was apparently the scene of a grisly murder/suicide.

    Police were called in when the newspaper boy, Carl Jenks, attempted to make his weekly collection. When he approached the front door, he was startled to see what appeared to be blood coming out underneath the front door. He immediately went home and his parents called police, who responded to the residence.

    Detectives tell us that the inside of the house looked like a scene from a slasher movie. Apparently, for reasons unknown, Harold Miller, father of Karen and Kim, husband of Janice, went berserk. He used a WWII ceremonial Samurai sword to hack his family to pieces then committed “hara-kiri”, a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment.

    It is unknown if the Miller family had any Japanese background, or why Harold would choose this gruesome method of suicide. Records do show that Harold Miller was a veteran who served in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, during WWII.

    Little is known about the Miller’s, who recently moved into this area.

The investigation is open and shut, but the question of why, remains.



Main Entry:
hara–kiri           Listen to the pronunciation of hara–kiri           Listen to the pronunciation of hara–kiri
also hari–kari \ˌha-ri-ˈkir-ē, -ˈka-rē\
Japanese harakiri, from hara belly + kiri cutting
1 : ritual suicide by disembowelment practiced by the Japanese samurai or formerly decreed by a court in lieu of the death penalty 2 : suicide 1b

The Monroe News         

Ottawa Lake                                                                                                                                                                                May 19 1981


            The house at 1300 Elizabeth St. in Ottawa Lake, once the scene of a grisly murder/suicide, burnt to the ground last week.

Police suspect arson.

            Over the years, this area has teemed with reports of supernatural phenomena, ghost sightings and hauntings. The most famous haunting, of course, is next farm down from 1300, at 1313 Elizabeth St., the old “Fletchers’ Folly”.

            Were the Miller family victims of the “Folly”?

            It would seem so…

            Arson investigators, combing through the debris at 1300, discovered the remains of two journals that were, apparently, secreted somewhere in the floors or walls and somehow survived the fire. These journals were the property of Karen and Kim Miller, teenage victims of their fathers’ rampage in 1970.

            Following are excerpts from those journals. Decide for yourself. Did the Folly claim four more victims in the Miller family?

Kim’s Page- A- Day Journal

By Kim Miller

    May 3 1970
    Hello journal,
    Kim here.
    Journal, I think I must be losing my mind!!! For days now, I have had the feeling that I am being watched. I keep looking around to see who’s there… Nobody…Nothing!
    As if that isn’t creepy enough, now I believe that it might be a ghost!!! I know it sounds crazy, but this evening, when I was studying in my room, I got this really weird feeling. Like someone was in the room with me! I know it sounds silly, but the feeling was so strong, that I got up from my desk and searched my room!!! You know, under the bed, the closets, behind the doors… all that little kid stuff!!!
    Nothing there. I still had that feeling… you know, like fingernails on a blackboard??? Kinda like that.
    Anyway, I sat back down at my desk and tried to put it out of my mind. Something started playing with my hair, journal!!!
My right hand to God!!! I looked around, terrified, as my hair was twirled, finger brushed, then smoothed back into place!!! I ran downstairs to tell Mom & Dad…they didn’t believe me!!! Journal, they said I watched too much “Sir Graves Ghastly” and grounded me!!! What is wrong with them??? WE LIVE RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO FLETCHERS’ FOLLY!!! ARE THEY CRAZY!!!
    I swear to God, journal, that I am not imagining this!!!
    I’m gonna say my prayers and ask God to protect me!
    Til next time,

    May 11 1970
    Hello journal,
    Kim here.
    I don’t know how much more I can stand!!! Crazy stuff is going on in our house!!!
    I tried to tell my teachers. Heck, I even tried to call the police, but Mom & Dad have got Karen and me practically under house arrest!!! No TV! No Phone! Not even school!!! Mom called the school and told them we had to go out of town on a family emergency!
    Like that’s not enough, now the spirits, or whatever it is, is attacking me in my sleep! Like I can sleep much! Yesterday, when I woke up, I had scratches all over me! Like I had been running naked through a briar patch!!! Scratches everywhere!!! The parents said I did it for attention and that’s what I was gonna get, then sent me to bed with no supper!!!
    Can you believe it, journal? Are they insane? Am I? Dad even threatened a whipping if I didn’t stop!
    What am I gonna do?
    Nobody believes me…
    Karen says she does, but I don’t really think she does.
    I’m scared. Really, really, really scared.
    Time for my prayers…God, I hope you’re listening…
    Til next time

    May 16 1970
    Hello journal
    Kim here.
    It’s all getting to be too much, journal. The attacks are getting worse. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. My furniture won’t stay still- it moves around all the time now. By itself! Is this what poltergeist are? Why are they attacking us? What did we do?
    The parents are crazy too. They’ve locked us in our rooms! Did I make up this broken wrist and these claw marks all over me??? I was locked in my room. How does this happen??? Why me God??? Why me???
    Something bad is going to happen.
    I know it.
    This is bad. Really, really bad.
    Til next time

(This was Kim Miller’s final entry. Ed.)

So come join us at Fletchers' Folly-Farm of Frights in Ottawa Lake MI this Halloween...Be there for the beginnings of a legend...then watch us grow!!!   Opening October 9th!!!  See The Haunt page for details! Happy Nightmares!!!


Karen Miller’s Journal 1970

May 3 1970

Hi you!

I know I don’t write faithfully in you like Kim does hers(personally, I think she is a little obsessive about it), but today I’m really glad I’ve got you!


I don’t know what to think or how to feel. I hope that by putting it all down in writing, maybe I can figure it out.


Being a big sister is hard! Kim came in my room tonight, really scared. She was pale and trembling, almost breathless, like she’d been running laps or something. We sat together with our arms around each other until she calmed down enough to tell me what was wrong.


Kim’s story is, shall we say, nuts? Crazy? Possible? You tell me because I haven’t got a clue…

Here it goes…

Kim says her bedroom is haunted!

Haunted, mind you!

She was so scared, I just let her talk. Seems for the last few days she claims that her stuff gets moved. Okay. ( I think she watches too many creature features. She just loves Sir Graves Ghastly!) Anyway, somebody’s watching her, and get this, tonight, she said, something was playing with her hair! Not pulling it or anything. She said it was more like grooming it. Finger brushing it and twirling it. How weird is that? Sheesh! What’s a big sister to do?


I don’t believe any of it, but she is so psychedelically freaked out that I will keep an eye on her for a while.


Nervously yours



Mom & Dad grounded her to her room for making stuff up!






May 15 1970


Hi you!

Karen again.

(Who else would be writing to you?)


I’m so glad Kim gave me this journal last Christmas. Who would have thought I would be a journal writer…but now I’m glad I have you!


It’s me and Kim against the parents now! We really are being haunted! Kim was right! I know it’s impossible! I know it’s insane! I know it’s happening all the same! I’m as freaked out as she is man!


The parents have got to be seeing and hearing the same things we are! How can they ignore it? Kim thinks we’ve got ghosts from the Folly next door! Why would we have ghosts from Fletchers’ Folly for goodness sake? But last night, right around midnight, we heard roosters crowing over there. They say that Andy Fletcher got rid of his chickens because all his roosters crowed at midnight. I can tell you, it sure scared us! I thought that stuff was all made up- you know- to keep kids away. All those stories about it being haunted were just that. Stories. Now I don’t know.


Anyway, the parents don’t believe us. They must be blind or insane or both! Kim and I are both waking up bloody every day, covered in scratches, gouges and claw marks! They called school and told them we were called away, then literally cut us off from the world!


Whatever else is going on, Kim and I are being tortured and the parents are punishing us for it!


Scared for both of us





May 16 1970


Hi you!

Karen here? (who else? Better not ask)


Well, I don’t know where all this is going to end, but end it will. Soon.

You can feel it in the air.

Every sound fills me with dread.


My room is as haunted as Kim’s now. My rocking chair rocks all the time.

If I lay it on its side it stands back up and keeps rocking. This is insane! I can’t stand much more of this!!!


EVIL HAS TAKEN OVER HERE!!! Maybe it is the ghosts of Fletchers’ Folly. Whatever it is, I think it has possessed the parents. That is the only logical(?) explanation for their behavior.


Kim and I have got to do something! We’ve got to get away!!!


I’m hiding you under the floorboards in my bedroom. A cubby just for you. I don’t know where Kim hides her journal, but I think it’s a good idea. Maybe some day this will all be a memory. But for now, I can’t risk the parents finding you.


We’re gonna take action…

One way or another…

Wish us luck journal…



(This was Karen Miller’s final entry. Ed.)

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